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🤳 Drive additional revenue post-live through your branded web store.


  • Create custom product collections to simplify the shopping experience.

  • Enable customers to purchase products listed on your website

  • Search for listed products effortlessly by entering keywords, categories, or filters

Updated on 2024/06/12


🤳 Expand your reach with cross-platform sales integration with Facebook.

Facebook Sales Integration

  • Automate cart creation when buyers comment product code during your Facebook Live session.

  • Send checkout cart link and order updates via Facebook Messenger.

  • Create custom bot messages for Messenger notification updates.

Comments Integration

  • View live comments from Facebook in one centralised platform.

  • Easily send message to Facebook from through our platform chat.

Guest Checkout

  • Enable first-time buyers to proceed to checkout without the need to create an account.

Updated on 2024/05/08


💱 Unlock cross-border sales with international card payment support.

International Cards on Checkout

  • Credit card payment option now accepts international cards, facilitating worldwide sales, transaction fee applies.

Facebook Personal Feed

Manage Promotions on App

  • View existing promotion vouchers with SWYP.LIVE app

  • Create new discount vouchers and update promotional information directly within the app

Updated on 2024/01/18


👠 Satisfy every customer’s taste by adding variations to your product

Product Variations

  • Create a variety of choices for a product in colours, sizes and more, ensuring customers find the perfect fit for their preferences.

  • Instantly allow customers to check the availability of preferred options and make informed decisions without delays.

  • Showcase images of the product for each selected variation, giving customers a visual representation of how different sizes and colours look.

Customer-Paid Transaction Fees

  • Flexible control of your business expenses by efficiently passing on transaction fees to your customers.

Manage Products on App

  • View existing products with SWYP.LIVE app

  • Create new products and update product information directly within the app

Updated on 2023/11/21


📹 Reach wider audiences with Multi-Broadcasting capabilities


  • Link your Facebook stream key and easily reach out to your audience on two channels using just one device.

Manage Orders on App

  • View incoming orders with SWYP.LIVE app.

  • Update order statuses and process refunds directly within the app.

Updated on 2023/09/22


🔥 Introducing a Fresh New Look and Enhanced Payment Experience.

Redesigned Interface

  • Our interface has undergone a complete overhaul, ensuring a seamless and intuitive user experience.

  • Enhanced navigation experience with a streamlined menu and improved categorisation, making it easier than ever to find what you need.

  • The modern and responsive layout is optimised for various devices, providing a consistent and visually appealing experience whether you're using a desktop, tablet, or mobile device.

  • Improved browsing experience with visually appealing elements, including a refreshed colour palette and modernised icons

Refund orders

Manual payment options

Updated on 2023/08/06


🔖 Closed-beta launch! 🎉🎉🎉

We are excited to announce the launch of Swypebites closed-beta! This marks an important step in our journey towards delivering a seamless and enhanced live shopping experience. During this closed-beta phrase, we are thrilled to invite you test our latest features and provide us with invaluable feedback.

Key Features:

  • Admin Dashboard: An all-in-one dashboard for live sellers to manage orders, products, broadcast, payments and payouts.

  • Sub-domain: Brand’s live broadcasting website to enable customers to engage in live and one-click seamless checkouts.

  • SWYP.LIVE Seller App: Mobile buddy for live sellers to broadcast the live.

Exclusive Deals:

As a token of our appreciation for your support, we are offering an exclusive promotional deal for our closed-beta users.

Head over to Closed-beta Promo Details to find out more! Don’t miss this opportunity to be among the first to experience the benefits of our services.

How to participate:

If you are interested in being part of our closed-beta testing, please sign up via this 🔗 link.

We welcome your participation and look forward to making our product even better for you.

What’s Next:

We are actively working on incorporating your feedbacks and refining our product to ensure a seamless experience for all users. Stay tuned for more updates on our journey as we move toward the next phase of our release.

Updated on 2023/07/15

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